Want to know one reason for decreased motion in your joints?

This video clearly explains it. 

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Posted by Physiotherapy DPT on Monday, January 26, 2015

Spinal Degeneration: 

This is an amazing video on how the spine works.

Stretching Tips e-book

This book contains amazing information on stretching for flexibility, function, and pre- and post- exercise.

Our clinic utilizes the stretching information provided by The Stretch Coach, Brad Walker.

Below are a bunch of links to his videos and papers.

For more information and one on one stretching and functional muscle advice,

schedule an appointment with Niquela who will help ensure your

posture and form are spot on.


Free Stretching Videos

Watch the stretching videos in the link above to see exactly how to do each stretch for body part or sport. All the stretching videos below include professional voice narration with instructions on how to perform the stretch, plus video footage showing you exactly how the stretch is done. Each video shows you how to get into the stretch position and how to come out of the stretch position. Plus a count-down timer is included to make sure you hold the stretch for the minimal amount of time. In most of the videos they've used two athletes to show different views of how to do the stretch.